Dawn of Orion


TWILIGHT ETERNAL Black clouds shun the light. The garden set aflame. A serpentine toungue presents a new path leading to my heart's own keepsake. As silence envelopes every ounce of flesh and useless eyes are cast away. Peeling back the skin to expose one last short breath. This addiction has given me sight. Emanations of the spirit discharge from this worn shell to find a way through the haze and into the sky. The blood of lost time trickles down the back of my throat, while my ears bleed from the whispers echoing inside my head. A great storm is brewing. The winds of Sarion are crashing. Threatening to tear down your walls of lore. Take your shelter for the dead the travel fast and the voices never lie. This persistence of life has become an element of my keepsake. I know every demon by name. Taking my hand, leading me into the flames. No escape. No pain. Reborn. THY DIVINE Sifting through memories of unseen misery. The good words of your heart ringing in your head. Haunting like a plague surrounding your soul never to be seen. Envision yourself free of conscience. Never by name. Only by actions. Step into the shadows. Wash yourself free. Suffer inside yourself. Kill the birthright. Break the oath. Murder the divine. Drowning in the blood as crimson tears run down your face. Dripping into dry, cracked hands. No longer an angel's face. Stare into the eyes of the source of all your cries. I laugh as I watch you scream. Your minute feelings replenesh my soul. We're all drowning in the blood of the divine as crimson tears run down the face of your dead messiah to no end. Cowering in the corner of your emotion one day to be flesh. I will be flesh. THE ANCIENT PROMISE The splinters pierce your heart, while your son hangs to diw with such a decisive crime. I'll forever kill you face. The shadows creep to whisper of wings and beheaded kings. Screams occupy my tongue as the eyes of the prophets are sewn shut. With pleading lips they beg for solitude. The ancient promise broken revealing centuries of lies on which you still feed. The time of murder is not long past, but you all forgot. You all forgot the past. A flood of tears can't calm the flames as your world turns to black and your trinity will lie beneath my feet. GATES OF EMPTINESS From the mouth of centuries torn a new law breeds from within. To throw away our once evil past, now forgotten, we lift this veil of excrement. No longer snared. Now rise the face of blasphemy. I bow to none. In a world of disease I'm struggling within myself to kill the man I once was. A circle of a new enlightenment will bring the empire to it's knees. To break the old decree. Beyond the grace of god go I. Crawling through the deserts of time to stand at the gates of emptiness. We place the brank on the face of your savior and invoke death to the sacred lie. A circle of a new enlightenment will bring the empire to it's knees. To break the old decree. Beyond the grace of god go I.