Dawn of Orion


SOWN INTO FLAMES I drown myself in a sea of tribulation. Each scar is a lesson learned. The winds scream of temples, of idols, of gods. Of places I used to know. Merriment lands where lips spell out confessions of a covert plethora of desires. You will learn to fear the dark. Dreams dissapate making visions clear. All emotion an indignity. Biting the vehement hand that's gripped around my throat. Disrobed. Unclad. Eyes shut to the words that cut me. If I could only reassure myself. I'd cross my heart but it would only bleed. Light so precious. Take my hand. Lead me to where daydreams walk and the tormented souls hold the key to emancipation. Acceptance is a joy forever, but denial is forever divine. Shapes of my youth dance in order as I wait in the shadows for the final curtain to close. ON BROKEN WINGS You are hate incarnate, yet you are so blind. A placebo entity draining all that you possess. Cracked grin as nails pierce tissue. I set my skin aflame, but only my soul is burning. Two hundred years of isolation to build the potency to elevate the rock to chisel my name in the walls of hell. And when I finally reach the end staring into her vacant eyes. Piercing my chest. Driving the nails into my wrists. I see who was really wrong. Wipe the tears from your eyes. Another end we will defy. Sacrifice yourself now. It's only fair. I've faced demise many times at your hands, but instances run deep and ignitions spark. I've forseen it all. Made it my one secret. Held it close to my heart never forsaking the gifts you gave to me. Children lock arms for dear life knowing nothing but your reflection. On broken wings they fly. Backs to the light now only to find the truth I fought for all this time. That our promised utopia is soaked in blood and for this I'll see you burn. FOR DYING EYES "Seductive Prevaricator" etched upon her marbled stone. Daughter of Asmodeus lying below the earth. A beauty to behold. A terrestrial in masquerade. Insects fluttered through my appetite. A phantasm held all too close. Burning as points are thrust into my eye. Passion bleeding soul. Dizzy from her odious kiss that left marks upon my skin. An ashen touch that could bring the ire of a mournful soul. She studied her father's lessons well. Enough to aid me in raping myself to satisfy an ageless lust. These self inflicted wounds repeatedly exposed. A wasted soul no longer weeps for words not worthy of life. For dying eyes. Pleading toungues no longer douse the conflagration of desire. An obscure discharge of repulusion. For love and eternal rest. There will be no more sacrifice. I'll immolate your existence. Now I have nothing but blood on my hands as your lifeforce drains from your body to the floor.