"Where idols frolic to the melody of the wails of dying angels..."

A History of the Atrocities We Call Expression

"TWILIGHT ETERNAL" 1997 Demo First Press: black and white cover Line Up: Myke-vocals, Erik-guitar, Craig-bass, Zack-drums Track Listing: TWILIGHT ETERNAL, THY DIVINE, THE ANCIENT PROMISE, GATES OF EMPTINESS Lyrics "TWILIGHT ETERNAL" 1997 Demo Second Press: color cover pressed by Immigrant Sun Records "ON BROKEN WINGS" 1998 7" on Undecided Records 30 with limited edition "Glam Shot" inserts 3 with limited edition "666 Glam Shot" inserts Line Up: Myke-vocals, Erik-guitar, Sam-guitar, Craig-bass, Zack-drums Track Listing: SOWN INTO FLAMES, ON BROKEN WINGS, FOR DYING EYES Lyrics "FOR THE LUST OF PROPHECIES UNDONE" 1999 CD on Immigrant Sun Recordings Line Up: Myke-vocals, Erik-guitar, Sam-guitar and bass, Zack-drums Track Listing: AS THE BLOODRED MOON RISES, A WIDOW'S COVENANT, CREATION'S END, THE PASSING OF IDOLS, TO HUNT THE ETHEREAL SUN, THY DIVINE, THE ANCIENT PROMISE Lyrics
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